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The social media influencer myth

Listen, a buddy of mine is a YouTuber.

He’s got 34,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel teaching people how to boost their social charisma, how to be more confident, how to pack a deeper voice, how to appear more approachable and so on.

Collectively, his videos were viewed about 1,000,000 times.

He produces 2-3 new high production value videos every week and gets 5K-10K views within first 3 days.

Each video tells people to get on his list and grab a bribe.

My point – the dude’s got traffic… or so it appears.

Would you like to know how many subscribers he generated on his email list from 1,000,000 YouTube views?

Exactly… 5,863!

But here’s the worst part…

The dude’s an expert. A real one. He knows what he’s talking about and his content has helped thousands of people improve their life. Yet… this isn’t panning out to be his full-time gig!

With all that traffic – it’s not even enough to quit his day job!

That’s just… wrong… and sad… and wrong!

This is the flaw of social media as a traffic strategy.

You may appear successful because you’re getting likes or views. But the reality is – you haven’t moved an inch in your business. Or perhaps you have, but you’re moving slower than molasses in January!

At Socialegacy we employ a traffic strategy that works much faster and easier than making

YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook videos.

It is perfect for beginners who need fast results because we do it for you.

And it’s an absolute goldmine for marketers in the make money online, internet marketing, biz opp, MLM, self help, weight loss and survival niches.

Remember our philosophy at Socialegacy “Stick to what your great at and outsource the rest”.

Lets GO!