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Facebook is not your sandbox…

Jeff (not real name), a traffic client shares:

I’d been successful (making $100+k/yr) with FB ads driving traffic to a CPA marketing blog, until Facebook changed their algorithm and my traffic tanked overnight. Please help!

Oh.. the dreaded Facebook slap!

You never see it coming.

Even if you’re spending thousands of dollars per day with FB ads, you’re eventually going to get slapped in some way, shape or form. It may be a terms of service update that makes your ads criminal or it could be a silent algoryhtm change, like Jeff describes above.

If you’re selling Internet Marketing and Make Money Online products, you know you can no longer build a business with Facebook. It used to be possible, but not anymore.

Facebook has become the Nazis of traffic.

They line you up against the wall the moment they feel like it – no explanation, no warning, no 2nd chances.

If your traffic strategy is built around FB ads – you need a plan B.

What’s that?

A traffic source that never bans anyone.

A traffic source that’s transparent and that doesn’t use any invisible algorythms you have zero control over.

A traffic source that allows you to make claims without looking over your shoulder.

No, that’s not AdWords, blogging or even CPV.

It’s my new traffic source.

It’s exclusive to Socialegacy¬† clients only and it comes with a guarantee.

Remember this, Facebook doesn’t give a damn about your business and they never will.