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What is it that people aren’t realizing about Instagram?

Here’s a jaw dropping ad revenue chart from Statistica:

Right now, as we round into Q3 of 2019 Facebook is on pace for a 14 billion dollar quarter for revenue from their paid ads platform.

Instagram is at about 4 billion this quarter.

Why is that interesting to me? A few reasons.

Facebook has about 1.5 billion users logging in on the daily.

Instagram has less. But not much less.

4 billion is almost 1/4 of 14 billion.

So you’d expect that Instagram would have around 1/4 of the daily users as Facebook, if their time on the app is similar, which they are (users who log in tend to spend about 1 hour per day on both Facebook and Instagram.)

But while Instagram has less users logging in per day than Facebook, it’s by a much closer margin than you might expect, based on the advertising revenues I just showed you.

Especially since Instagram is number 1 of the social media giants for people ages 18 to 25, the coveted millennials.

Instagram has about 1 billion users logging in daily. Again compared to 1.5 billion on Facebook.

What that means is that Instagram users are, on average, being marketed to massively less than on Facebook.

Facebook has also greatly tightened it’s organic traffic ecosystem. You used to be able to reach a huge swath of any following you had on Facebook, with your fan pages, with Groups and on your personal following.

Now, because Facebook is trying to squeeze more dollars out of advertisers, that engagement, outside of paid ads, has dropped like a rock.

Facebook’s growth has slowed, and yet digital marketers are increasingly like crabs in the Facebook bucket, unable to post big profits because competitors are clawing them back down, whenever they go on a run.

Long story short, building a following to market on Instagram is not only possible, it’s downright easy, comparatively.

So this is one advantage, after the next, after the next, for money-getting on Instagram, compared to Facebook.

With Instagram, you’ve got Facebook sized traffic, far better engagement, and Pintrest sized competition for marketing attention and dollar. So why are still advertising via costly Facebook ads again? Why are you still going live on Facebook?

The famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said the follow, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.” 

Get in front of the Instagram puck already!

Lets GO!