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Radical Change Via New Innovation

We are entering a new era of radical change via new innovation. The pace of change is accelerating. More fundamental human problems will be solved in the next two decades than have been solved in the last two centuries.

Self-driving vehicles will dramatically reduce the more than one million driving-related fatalities around the world each year.

Diseases will be cured and treated by focused ultrasound and gene-specific treatments. Food production and clean water supplies to sustain the world’s growing population will improve.

We will reduce our reliance on limited energy resources such as coal and oil. We will outsource dangerous and tedious work to robots.

These innovations will bring with them tremendous changes—and tremendous challenges. And in the midst of this change, stability seems sensible—but sameness is not a winning strategy.

In our fast-moving economy, businesses and governments that stick with what’s worked in the past will be left in the past.

Today traditional roles are changing at high speed. The role of husbands and wives, parents and children, professors and students, bosses and workers all have psychological as well has economic implications beyond your wildest dreams.

The question is, how will you as an entrepreneur not only survive but thrive? Going at it alone will not be the answer.