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Why Most Businesses Fail or Can’t Grow

  • Lack of perceived and real value.  

If your customer whom you have targeted can’t quickly see the real value f your product or service,

your business is on life support…if not already dead.

  • Overcomplicating or trying to perfect things.

Let your customers tell you where your business needs improvement. Your ego will bankrupt your


  • Not testing quickly or quickly failing.

Business is 2019 and beyond will be based on speed. Think in terms of dog years. Every may as well

be 7 years. Everyday is akin to a month. You must find a way to pick up your pace dramatically.

  • Lack of any upsells or funnels.

Do you understand the needs of your customers. Do you understand their potential cash value. If

not your ignorance will bankrupt your business. Your are in business to make a profit…a lot of profit!

  • Your business needs tons of leads daily.

If  you don’t have 100’s of new leads coming to your business everyday, you don’t have a business – you have a hobby.

You are effectively playing games in a room full of killers. All local or small businesses face global competition now.

So suck it up. It’s time to change some things. It’s time to swallow some hard truths.

If you want to have a thriving business in 2019, your going to have to get better RIGHT NOW!