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3 Free Tools That Spy On Your Competition Without Spending a Dime

Here are three tools that can be used for spying on your competition that are free to use.

I am focusing this post on these tools because I know some of our blog readers are just starting out in paid traffic and are probably aware of the

importance of competitive analysis.

However, the top level competitive analysis tools may be cost prohibitive when getting started.

So, what I have done is featured these free tools to help break into analyzing the competition without spending a dime.

While they are limited in comparison to the paid competition analysis tools available, using these following 3 tools can still get you started right out of the box.

Yes, without waiting to afford the paid tools, just use these free ones in the meantime is the name of the game. This information should allow anyone

to get going in the right direction with competitive analysis till moving up paid traffic ladder as you go.

I’m happy to provide you with this resourceful information because sometimes you just can’t beat free, and this is one of those times.

What I will do is give you a quick run-through on how to use each tool to help gage your competition so you can adjust your campaigns around the

given analysis revealed.

Ok let’s take a look.

Spy On Your Competition Tool #1

Google Planner:

With Google Planner you will need a Google Adwords account to login and use the tool.
It’s free and gives you access to detailed keyword data but let me show you the steps to analyze your competition inside of the interface.

Once you login you will need to go to the Keyword Planner tool. Then you have to navigate over to “Find New Keywords”. Next you’ll want to search your niche keyword as a, phrase, website or category. Open up the form and next click on the text area that says:

“ Your Landing Page”. In that box enter your competition’s web address and then click “Get Ideas”.

Google Planner will produce vital keyword information you can use to spy on your competition’s top keywords.

Spy On Your Competition Tool #2

SpyOnWeb: will reveal all the domains of your competitors. With this information you can follow what other businesses or possibly niches your competition use to make profits.

You can also clone things they are doing if you visit their other sites to get a Birdseye view of their strategies. Next, you can add their other sites in your competitive analysis campaign as well to broaden the scope on new ideas you can consider for your own online business.

Spy On Your Competition Tool #3

Similar Web: steps up the marketing intelligence and gives you some nice free insights into your competition.

Here’s a good tip. You can click over to via once a url is entered. Once there you can scroll down to spy on your competitors to see:

– Traffic Overviews
– Traffic Sources
– Traffic by Countries
– Page Rank
– Email Traffic %
– Organic Traffic %
– Paid Traffic %
– Social Traffic %
– Display Ad Traffic Networks
– Audience interests
– Competitors and more similar sites

With SimilarWeb they provide some cool features you should be taking advantage of like:

– Benchmark against your competitors and industry
– Reveal your competition’s analytics & online strategy
– Discover new opportunities – partners, leads or affiliates
– Identify emerging trends and new players
– Understand consumer intent and journey

I must say, while there is not a lot of free tools like this out there to use for analyzing the competition, these 3 tools while simple to use, sure help new paid traffic marketers get a handle on their competition.

The next thing is, as you learn more or perhaps take on some paid traffic training that gives you access to certain proprietary competitive analysis tools, these free tools will give you a basis to go deeper into competitive analysis and profit from your competition’s marketing.

And that is much better than being beaten out of markets you want to profit from or even dominate. So learn to use each of these tools and you are on your way to understanding how to spy on your competition and prosper from it.