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Why You Should Stop Consuming

I don’t know if you know but one of the biggest mistakes that I think most entrepreneurs make is over consuming information without action.

It’s not that I don’t believe that you need to have the right knowledge.

I do believe however, that consumption only conditions you for more consumption.

The great news is that we live in the age of information. The bad news is that we live in the age of information that floods your brain without filtration.

I’m a firm believer that the more you consume without immediate action, the less likely you’ll do.

You might do it once or twice, but when you fail, your default story will be telling yourself you didn’t ‘learn’ enough.

I fell into this trap several years ago trying to learn how to code, which stopped me from taking action.

And as a result, my results sucked. So here is some advice.

You should clarify your overall mission. What’s your goal as a entrepreneur?

Once you have a firm understanding of where your trying to go, you’ll get really selective on the information you take in.

If it doesn’t move you further in the overall mission the information is all but useless.

Let me make this clear: you aren’t trying to become a jack of all trades, your customers or clients need you to become a master of one.

Master one skill and outsource the rest.