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Fake It To You Make It Madness! (Founders Message)

Ever wonder why most people scoff when you tell them you’re working from home?

Is it because they know you’re full of it?

Is it because you still haven’t made any real money… yet you dare to call yourself an entrepreneur?

It could be both. I’ll tell you what doesn’t help – the whole “fake it ’till they make it” school of marketing.

Since day one in this business, you’re given permission to lie about everything. Your income. Your lifestyle. Your personal freedoms.

Of course, ironically, the more you try to hide it, the more obvious it is to everyone around you that you’re broke. Not just your friends and family. But everyone you come in a breath’s distance with. It feels awkward, but you do it anyway because everyone’s doing it, right? That’s how you’re supposed to market when you’re brand new, you say.

But what if you’re not supposed to lie?

What if fake it till you make is, in fact, the fattest lie there is?


How do you get people’s attention and earn their trust without a single testimonial, income screenshot or guru endorsement?

Great question.

Rule #1 – never lie.

Client can smell the bullshit from a mile away. She can’t articulate it. It’s a gut-level thing. But as far she’s concerned – you shouldn’t be trusted.

Rule #2 – stop selling proof.

Most people I talk to, who are brand new to the game, think proof is the only way to market. And of course, if they got none – they can’t recruit a living soul. I call it the “Proof Loop.” And most marketers are hopelessly stuck in it.


What if I said right way to get people to join your business opportunity doesn’t require proof?

What if I said you don’t have to lie about how much you make or the house you live in?

What if I said you can get people line up credit card in hand by telling the truth?

If you’d like to discover how to win over strangers without lying about how much you make or faking it or any of that nonsense, you need to have a conversation with our team.

Stop the madness within your soul.